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Reviews for Private Preschool in Frisco, Texas

You can find, and leave your own, reviews for the Frisco Creative Arts Preschool (formerly Musical Arts Schoolhouse) in the following locations:


John W. Trustman of Frisco, Texas

We’ve been sending Chloe to MAS since moving to Frisco three years ago. The education has been fabulous, and the warm, caring attitude of the school and staff have been as instrumental to her growth as has been the breadth and depth of the curriculum. Our only regret is that MAS doesn’t offer first grade or beyond. And this is real praise coming from a graduate of Phillips Exeter, Yale and Harvard – we hate everything.

Thanks. John

Jenny R. of Frisco, Texas

My daughter spent one school year at MAS, and the entire family loved it. This was her first experience outside of home, and we didn’t want it to be anything less than a positive one.

I’m going to start with April, who manages the day-to-day operations – she is an absolute joy to work with; always positive, caring, and responsive. She played a huge role in making us feel comfortable during the first few weeks.

It was also comforting to know that my daughter spent a good amount of time (for her age) focusing on art, dance, and music. These classes are thought by qualified instructors for each area of interest; the teachers are passionate about their subjects, so the quality is great too. My daughter was also introduced to Spanish once a week and of course academics on daily basis. Her teachers were very pleasant and attentive; it was very evident that they were genuine and cared.

Throughout the year, we enjoyed numerous stage performances that packed us with pride and joy. I couldn’t attend all but watched live from work!

Musical Arts Schoolhouse is great for the kiddos. Wish we could stay another year!

Danielle B. of Frisco, Texas

I did extensive research on the various preschools in the area prior to moving here 2 years ago from out of state and MAS was our top pick. They not only checked all the boxes, but even after 2 years of attending continue to exceed our expectations.

My (now) 4 year old daughter is in love with this school! The small class sizes and exposure to all the various arts (music, theater, dance, & art) along with academics/Spanish has enriched her life immensely. The staff are talented, knowledgable, and very caring. They are receptive to suggestions and participation by parents (I served as room mom, did readings to the class, coordinated offsite and onsite parties, and assisted in getting kids ready for performances - 4 per year!). They genuinely care about our children's well being and development.

We couldn't be happier with our choice to attend this school (going on 3 years now)...when I go to pick up my daughter she doesn't want to leave!

Nancy S. of Frisco, Texas

This school is amazing! My son has been here for one year in the pre-school program and he has progressed so much. The teachers and staff are very attentive to the kids and hold each and every child dear to their heart. The way they show love and care to each student, I have never seen at any other pre-school. The programs they offer these kids, music, art, theatre, dance, and academics, really helped my son come out of his shell and excel academically and socially.

We highly recommend this school to those looking for a fun and enriching environment for their pre-schoolers. They get to learn, perform, be artistic and play; all the things a pre-schooler wants to do.

Bonus, they have between 4-5 performances a year showcasing the things they have learned and done throughout the school year. My son loves to show off all the wonderful things he is learning in school!

My son is excited he will be returning next year for the kindergarten program.

Jamie J. of Frisco, Texas

I began researching and touring preschools when my daughter was 2 1/2 years old. By the time she was 3, I thought I had it narrowed down to 2 preschools. I had heard a few people mention Musical Arts Schoolhouse so I decided to do one last school tour before making my final decision even though I was already set on which one I'd be sending her to.

When I did my tour at MAS I absolutely fell in love with the school. When I walked away after the tour I kept thinking ~ where else is my daughter going to get to experience classes in Music, Art, Dance, Theater and Academic/Spanish on a daily basis?? I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

My daughter will be finishing her first year at MAS next week. There was never a day that she said she didn't want to go to school. She's loved every minute. I'm amazed at how much she's grown this year. This school truly helps bring kids out of their shell and gives them the confidence to jump on stage and perform.

She's had the most wonderful, loving teachers & administrators that any parent could ask for.

There wasn't a day that we walked into MAS that we didn't feel welcomed. Not only were the teachers / admins wonderful to my daughter but they were wonderful to my 18-mo old son that walked his sister to class every day ~ they treated him like one of their own.

If you're looking for a place to bring out the best in your child, don't look past MAS ~ go tour it and meet the staff!!

Shannon McElroy of Frisco, Texas

This is quite simply an amazing school with amazing teachers!! My son attended kindergarten here in ms. Kerry and ms. Monica's class 2 years ago and had the most amazing year ever!

His time at Mas prepared him well for mooneyham elementary where he now attends school. I cannot say enough great things about ms. Kerry and ms. Monica and all of the other teachers as they were all truly wonderful!!

My son still asks if we can go and visit ms. Kerry and ms. Monica as he misses them often! Ms Kerry and Ms Monica you are well loved and not forgotten by "buggy" and we will come see you soon!

Brandie Means of Frisco, Texas

Our daughter has thrived in MAS Kindergarten! She has learned to read so quickly with the individual attention she receives.

We are amazed by her Spanish knowledge, understanding and accent! She absolutely LOVES going to school, loves her teachers, loves doing performances and has flourished this year!

This program has fully prepared her for Frisco ISD next year and we feel she will have a head start in all areas!

Kelcy Robinson of Frisco, Texas

I neglected to tell the teachers and staff before leaving today's performance what a wonderful show it was. Please tell Ms. Myatta and Ms. Lindsey and all the teachers and staff what a great job they are doing. The kids were FABULOUS!

Hayden was so excited this morning. I love watching her and her friends learn so much and become more comfortable performing on stage in front of a live audience. Thanks for all you do as well!

SSTT. of Frisco, Texas

My daughter is at Musical Arts Schoolhouse for the second year in a row and absolutely loves it. She is in the private kindergarten program now and looks forward to going to school every day.

The teachers at this school are fantastic. In addition to her art and music appreciation classes and her participation in theater and dance, she is reading at a 1st / 2nd grade level, doing addition, participating in science experiments, learning facts about each of our presidents and speaking and comprehending Spanish. Musical Arts Schoolhouse has helped her cultivate a love for learning while providing a structured yet nurturing environment.

My only complaint is that they don't have a toddler program for her little sister who already feels at home there because the teachers and administrators are so sweet to her when we drop off / pick up her big sister.

Tabitha Frohardt-Johnson of Frisco, Texas

Brooke has done 3 weeks of summer camp at MusicalArts Schoolhouse and LOVES it! Plus, I know the director so I feel more relaxed. The only draw back is that it's for 3 and up. Once Braden is potty-trained we can grandfather him in but that will be awhile. So, next fall they both will most likely go to MAS!

Denise & Russ Strader of Frisco, Texas

About three years ago I wrote you telling you how much I appreciated the impact you and your staff were having on Emily, along with the hard work your staff was putting into her. At the time, she wasn’t talking well, was very frustrated, and your school had all of 10 students. Of course, that time I was writing hoping that you’d be swayed to keep her in the school as she was having such a hard time.

Look what a change three years makes. Emily has transformed into a gregarious, artistic, (mostly) sweet, fun, enthusiastic almost-kindergartener, and again I am saying thank-you. This time, of course, it comes with a profound sense of gratitude for what you and your staff have done. We have been so blessed to have MAS be a part of our lives, and her life, for so long now, and it is very, very hard to say good-bye to such a remarkable, and important, place. Without the love, attention, and care shown to Emily by everyone there at MAS, I hesitate to think of where she would be now. I cannot express to you how deep my gratitude is for all your work and care of her (and Denise and Jaz too), and how completely grateful I am that we encountered MAS when we did. It is has been a true blessing in our lives, and we will miss you and the school tremendously.