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About Us

About Us

Our graduates are the leaders in their next school experience!

Our students achieve a deep understanding of academics through stimulating daily activities in our creative classrooms. Performing arts experiences open up learning pathways for children to excel in academics! 
We provide academic programs in a nurturing environment where children develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially through playful participation and exploration of the performing arts.
If you think about it, your child has the rest of their academic life to attend “regular school” and sit in the same classroom all day with the same teacher.

Why not choose an unforgettable, personal and amazing arts-based academic environment for Preschool?

• A student involved in the arts is FOUR TIMES more likely to be recognized for their scholastic achievement (from the study Facts & Figures;  Americans for the Arts)
• 72% of business leaders say that creativity is the number ONE quality they seek in hiring.
• Exposure to fine arts and performing improves critical thinking skills and develops self-confidence.
• Children who have early education in the performing arts and music excel in math, language and science.
• Behavior issues in Preschool are linked to non-challenging environments - NO BORING CLASSES HERE!
• Children who play instruments and sing music regularly perform better in reading and math when they begin elementary school.
• Playing, singing and dancing to music increases both fine and gross motor skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Our Promise & Guarantee

We provide our very own unique and unconditional promise to each family who joins our School.

• Your committed teacher will be world-class (a university trained instructor in their field, with early childhood education experience, one-year contract).
• Your child’s classroom will have a small class size with individual interaction and strong connections with our teachers.
• Your child’s teachers will work together as a team, building a cohesive approach to consistent education, reinforcing academics in each area of artistic discipline.
• Your all-inclusive Yearly Membership at FCAP pays for EVERYTHING - no additional charges for events - never any fund-raising.
• You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that High Academics and Performing Arts are all rolled into one convenient program (Academics, Music, Art, Dance, Theatre) - no need to drive all over town after school to these other activities.In addition to this promise, we also provide a guarantee that is unmatched, and our All-Inclusive Yearly Membership.
• We guarantee our CURRENT VALUED CUSTOMERS will always be offered the best enrollment pricing.
• We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your Preschool experience, and with no long term commitments you can withdraw if not happy - no questions asked (30-day notice from the first day of the month, please.)
• There’s no other promise like this because there is no other place like The Frisco Creative Arts Preschool!
• Experience the difference!