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Frisco Creative Arts Preschool

•   Frisco Creative Arts Preschool: Preschool (AGES 3-4-5)
•   Fully equipped music, art, dance, theatre, and academic classrooms
•   Student rotates to each class every day
•   Curriculum is finely tuned to the developmental stages of preschoolers, and nurtures analytical and creative learning, developed by our highly experienced teachers.
• Academics curriculum themes integrated into each daily performing arts class.

MUSIC: Daily music making through games, chants, rhymes, songs, and dances. The use of voice, movement, and simple instruments allow students to discover music fundamentals in a personally meaningful way. Timbre, Rhythm, Form, Pitch and Harmony. Children discover these musical elements through play and exploration. Piano fundamentals are introduced (this is not piano or instrument lessons).

  • Musikgarten – Cycle of Seasons
  • Music Makers – Music and Movement at Home in the World & Around the World
  • Koda’ly in Kindergarten – 50 Lesson Plans Curriculum & Song Collection
  • Scholastic Sing Along & Learn – Sheldon
  • Drumline Beats, techniques, patterns

ART: Daily art class provides an engaging pathway to cognitive development in young children. In addition to strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, students learn color, shape and pattern recognition, independent work and problem solving skills. Equipped like a working art studio, Frisco Creative Arts Preschool offers children the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of materials and media, including paper, canvas, adhesives, paints, clay, collage, sculpture and printmaking and more. Semi-professional materials.

  • Getting To Know The Worlds Greatest Artists (Book Series Anthology)
  • Artist Of The Week
  • Artist Biographies

DANCE: Daily Dance introduces movement, rhythm and sequencing, and provides a joyful way to develop large motor skills, coordination, fitness, and balance. Confidence building, decision making skills, improv games, making choices in time and anatomy. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tumbling. “Real” dance shoe rental included!

  • Teaching Dance As Art in Education – MacCutchen
  • Brain - Compatible Dance Education - Gilbert
  • Rhythmic Training For Dancers – Kaplan
  • Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet – Grant
  • Al Gilbert Tap Dance Syllabus: Primay Through Level 1-2

THEATRE: Drama -- like story time in live action -- draws preschoolers deep into classic narratives, while fostering imagination, language development, social skills and expressiveness. Action stories, puppets, feelings and emotions, parts of a story, character development, empathy and creativity.

  • On Stage: Theatre Games and Activities for Kids – Bany & Winters
  • Playground Theatre: Theatre Games for Preschool Children – Sole & Haycock
  • Take A Bow! Lesson Plans for Preschool Drama – Czitrom
  • How To Do Plays With Rhymes – Evan-Moor
  • The Best Storytelling Book Ever – Key Education Publishing Company

ACADEMICS: Our students’ day begins with greetings and group learning through developmentally appropriate activities centered on literacy with reading, writing and numerical concepts. Activities include sorting, ordering, matching and categorizing objects, pictures, sounds and movement, handwriting and reading, and daily story book time. Throughout each week, students connect and reinforce literacy and numerical concepts coordinated through all daily classes in Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Dance classes.

  • Get Set For School: My First School Book
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Dolch Sight Words
  • Creative Learning Curriculum – West
  • Literacy Story Book

PERFORMANCES: Three-yearly stage performances, where children participate according to their individual development. Winter stage show, Spring stage show and Graduation. Cooperation, teamwork, sharing, mutual support and achievement come into play as the classroom community works together to realize its own creative vision for the shows. We celebrate every child’s contribution to the whole. 
We teach success and self-confidence!